Microbiological Evaluations

Building materials which have become water damaged due to roof leaks, plumbing leaks, excessive permeation through exterior brick, and other reasons may support mold/fungal and/or bacterial growth. The presence of such species may pose a nuisance and/or health hazard to building occupants. Omega conducts sampling and inspection of the air, bulk, and water media in a discreet manner so that any microbiological species present may be identified. Corrective action plans specify where to remove the source of water infiltration and remove mold sensitive building materials.

Omega is experienced in performing mold inspections, moisture tracking, and testing in new construction, renovations and occupied buildings. Omega has worked with multiple facilities to mitigate mold risk and prevent costly lawsuits and unwanted publicity.

We were a leading firm in Super storm-Sandy and Hurricane Irene emergency response efforts.

Omega’s Micro Services:

  • Mold inspection and remediation scope delineation according to IICRC Protocol
  • Moisture tracking inspections
  • Mold corrective action work plans
  • Mold corrective action remediation oversight
  • Final pre-occupancy mold final clearance testing
  • Post-construction operating room mold/bacteria testing for JC/DOH compliance