Facility Environmental Health & Safety Compliance

Compliance with regulatory agencies on the federal, state and municipal levels can be a challenging for Facilities and Engineering Departments. OSHA, EPA, DOT, Joint Commission, Departments of Health and Labor and other agencies that may enforce regulations and guidelines may be confusing, contradictory or difficult satisfy compliance.

Failure to recognize the implications of an out-of-compliance facility exposes the organization and its management to the unnecessary liability of fines, unfavorable publicity, or even closure.

Omega can assist the Engineering and Facilities departments with expertise and planning to maintain and upgrade their campus and systems.

We offer the following services:

  • Risk assessment of mechanical systems
  • Indoor air quality evaluations
  • Right-to-knowinventory and hazard evaluation of labeled and unlabeled storage containers
  • Maintenance procedure evaluation
  • “ASHRAE 110 Standard” laboratory and pharmacy fume hood testing and permits
  • Facility and mechanical upgrade planning
  • Registration maintenance and SPCC Plans for fuel storage tanks
  • Laboratory decommissioning
  • Compliance inspection drill oversight