Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The Environmental Protection Agency has called Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) the number one environmental health concern that is facing us today. There is now a myriad of chemical and biological agents that when exposed can affect our immune system. When exposed to these contaminants, each individual can react differently due to genetics or an established sensitivity. These issues can arise in our homes, offices and places of work. 

With a team of Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH), Engineers, and Sampling Technicians, Omega performs building-wide and area specific indoor air quality investigations. Qualitative and quantitative methods are utilized in conjunction with our strong engineering background to identify the cause of the air quality issue and propose cost effective corrective action.

Omega’s IAQ Services:

  • HVAC assessments
  • Evaluation of occupant complaints and tie-in to building conditions
  • Monitor Carbon Monoxide, Dust/Particulate, Formaldehyde and Carbon Dioxide
  • Evaluation of fresh air exchange
  • Phase II work if required
  • Testing for mold and bacteria
  • Testing for VOC’s or other site-specific compound’s
  • Green Building evaluations
  • Lab hood ventilation testing